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Our Mission is to help provide guidance and solutions that will help you avoid the pitfalls and FINALLY put you on the road to success. We’ve spent 11 years researching, testing, and learning in our own beauty business, and we’re here to share our knowledge to help you:

– avoid frustration and disappointment
– win customers with strategies we’ve used successfully ourselves
– grow your business with online mentoring from seasoned professionals

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Hi, we're Juliette and Robert.

We’re here to guide you through the maze of starting and running your beauty business online. We’ve set up our own successful online beauty business, and we want to help you succeed faster by avoiding the problems we faced. I’m […]

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Selling Beauty Products Online, Found The Perfect One Yet?

Selling beauty products online? Have you found the “perfect”  beauty product to sell? Why do I ask this question? Perfect as in, you love everything there is about running your business. Okay, There is no perfect business and there certainly […]

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Celebrate Your First Earned Dollar in Your Beauty Business

Did you celebrate your first earned dollar? I remember the first earned dollar we made with our beauty business. I’d made a batch of bath salts and found some pretty jars online to package them in. My labels were made […]

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Marketing Beauty Products Online

Marketing beauty products online? This is direct sales. You talk directly to your market selling them what they want and need. First, You will need to educate yourself on what direct sales is all about. You will be on a […]

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